is a Vienna-based austrian artist. Born march 11th 1965 in Vienna. He spent his childhood and youth in the tirolean mountains.

When he was 16, he had a crazy relationship with a spray can ….
and some trouble with the police, … but his interest in art was born and the COMIC POP STYLE of OLIVER VON FEISTMANTL.

Since then Oliver painted not only on walls … he did paintings on canvas, sculptures, painted on cars and even on one diving boat in Thailand. Still waiting for an airplane to paint on. His work is also printed on t-shirts, caps, bags, cups, posters, ….

His main project in the last years was the Haus des Meeres in Vienna. A huge tower of the 2nd world war, located near the city-center.  Turned into an aquarium in the early sixties, it was not a beauty, until OIiver decided to paint all 13 floors inside the building.

A huge, colorful fish sculpture stands in front of the tower.
If you have time, go and visit it!!!

OLIVER VON FEISTMANTL had several exhibitions in Austria, Monte Carlo, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Turkey, Asia, the Caribbeans and the USA.

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